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Military Peacekeepers International Corps

The Military of Peace International Corps (MPIC) was created in 2013, in USA. In 2014 MPIC became a solidarity cooperation and international  organization recognized by U.N. Our N.G.O. was granted a Status with the ECOSOC. The organization gathers civilians and soldiers (notably former Blue Helmets) who have carried out Peacekeeping Operations under the U.N. aegis since 1948. 


Our deminers and personnel remain at the disposal of the U.N. and have served in different operations in countries such as Angola, Bosnia and Cambodia. Some members of our association are also qualified in other areas of mine action such as mine-free and explosive remnants of war - related advocacy, Victim (survivor) Assistance ,  and Mine Risk Education (MRE).


 SPIC operates in mine-related emergency and humanitarian development and particularly in the following areas of mine action :


  • Mine Risk Education (MRE)

  • Mine Clearance, Survey, Quality Assessment, etc.

  • Assistance and Training for Stockpile destruction

  • Victim (Survivor) Assistance and assistance in the promulgation of Victim Assistance Legislation

  • Mine and Explosive Remnants of War-related advocacy.

Current Actions, Missions and Projects


SPIC has just launched a Socio-economic Victim Assistance  Rehabilitation Program in Angola and is collecting funds for similar initiatives in Guinea-Bissau, Senegal and Uganda.


In Angola, SPIC started an MRE program in January 2015 with a local partner, who has the particularity to involve mine survivors in its MRE teams.


In USA and Europe, SPIC participates to advocate efforts led by the Cluster Munition Coalition.


In the past, SPIC carried out other mine-related activities in countries such Bosnia, Rwanda, Cambodia

and Lebanon.









H. E. Dr. Eloy de Melendre Y Carrera

Honorary Ambassador to Spain, General Studies 6 PhD: Dr. Science Security UI Cambridge, Dr. Police Sciences ONU.- specific studies Civil Police, UN military observer, coordination of Civil-Military Command International University Rector Jobs Security (UNIVERIS ) Director Office BOOKS MADE + 2,000 Elections Analysis Libros.- 30, New techniques in criminal investigations, audits 100 Conferencias.- FUNGLODE Conference (Dominican Republic), Dr. ELOYde Melendre and Congress Conference RACE Date of birth: September 29, 1960. Military and similar jobs: Not applicable, unless expressly requested. UI Oxford, Dr. law (the law) of the American University, Dr. Political Science UI Oxford, Dr. Educational Sciences of UP Europe, Dr. Laws UI Cambridge. +18 Masters: Management, MBA, Safety Science, Intelligence, Criminal Police II, I. Environmental, S. tourism, financial crime, etc ... + 9 diplomas crisis: Law degree from the Cambridge UI, social University Graduate León ( Spain), Diploma in Criminology, Tax, Audit, Marketing, Sales & D Trade Management (Harvard), R. Prevention of Labor (URJ), Psychology Diploma (Oxford UI) Security Directorate (UI Bircham), Military Intelligence ( Oxford UI) Technical I. Crime (U. Salamanca), DSG Image, Strategic Communication and Protocol (U. INCE), etc ... Other: Dr. Honoris Causa U. Pakistan, Peru Dr. Education, Dr. Musicians national school , prominent leader International Board of Charter A. Education, Master in Natural Medicine U. Peoples Europe, etc ... The Peace Operations, Driving humanitarian aid operations, Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration, International Humanitarian Law and Armed Conflict Act By keeping the International Peace and Conflict Resolution, Mine Action. MILITARY AND POLICIALES.- Special Agent (National Association of Special Agents and Intelligence), Special Forces (SAS), Intercontinental personal protection for military and police officers (ETCST), International Defense Course V-VIII (Zaragoza Military Academy), protection of Special Diploma (USA), Security Police Instructor (European Training Centre Securite), Florida SWAT Association, World Organization Explosives Deactivators (EOD), International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), the rrtt mayor. CIVILES.- expert calligraphy and court administrator, researcher and Private Detective (Spain, USA, Brazil, DR), Researcher at the Ministry of Culture, Fire Investigator, Private Security Escort Security Manager (UPESE), International Escort (IPA, PBA and Director DOT), International Safety Advisory (International Association of Inteligencie and Security Professionals), Chief Bodyguard & Security Advisor Confederation Word, Private Detective (American Academy of Criminology), private investigator (International Association of Independent Researchers), World Association of Detectives (WAD) . Journalist International (International Union of Journalists), Specialist Armed Conflict, Negotiation kidnapping, terrorism I., Federation American Scientists (FAS), etc. International Law (DIJ) of the First Bureau of Investigation governments (PROTERINVEST) adviser to several presidents Security Advisor JCyL countries 1990-1901 Security Adviser P. Vasco, Director of Military Intelligence National School, International Security Police Deputy Chairman of Tourism Association (ISTA), President Euroamericana Security Corporation (CEAS), President S3 GROUP (special services security), international security services Ireland, Iraq, Colombia, Yugoslavia, Mexico, etc ...), making sure - Instructor: GEOS, GOE , GOPE, URI, GAULAS, AFI, ATI, Jungle, GAFE, SWAT, lynxes, wolves, coyotes, Jaguar, etc ... Foxes (Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, RD, etc ...) Services Intelligence ( Ecuador, USA, Nicaragua, Brazil, RD, etc ...), Gob Security advisor. Paraguay Iraq Military Academy Superintendent RD, etc ... The War of the Future, mental disorders in Criminal Psychology, terrorism and Self-Defense explosives, kidnapping, arson investigation, prevention of alcohol consumption among young people, Protocolary Security Systems Protection Technical, Counter-Espionage, International Trading, Drug Design, 3D Intelligence, Management and Security Management, Risk Analysis, credit cards, etc .. International Prevention of Money Laundering (CIPLAD I, II, II, IV and V ) of Costa Rica, the International Security Conference Congress (CIS I, II, III, IV and V), Kidnapping Promoters Conference (Mexico) Organized Crime Conference, police and army (Nicaragua), Mon Conference. Tourist UNIBE Conference (RD) Banking World Safety Congress (Costa Rica), Military Intelligence and General Staff conference center of the Armed Forces (Argentina), Congress and Criminology Intelligence Conference Conference Agents (Honduras), Kidnapping and Reengineering Central American Conference Security Conference ( I, II and II) Security in Guatemala, kidnapping and Security Conference Security Conference in R. Dominicana, Ecuador Security Speech, Conference GAULAS Groups and Special Services (Colombia), explosive devices Terrorism Conference and Council in Malaga (Spain) Personal Safety and Security Petroleum Conference in Guatemala Banks, Research Conference fire in Colombia, kidnapping and Banking Security Conference and Conference Business School Financial Security Bolivia, S. de Monterrey (Mexico), safety World Congress in Ecuador, many interventions in television , press, radio every country, etc .... .











H. E. Dr. Giovanni John Raciti. Honorary

Ambassador for Australia. 

International Human Rights Commission. 

Protecting internet users Business/Gov ts from online fraud.


Bio Director General of The Multipurpose Inter Parliamentary Union (NGO) UN DESA Secretary General of Australia at The Multi-pu...See More Awards British High Commissioner to Commonwealth Nations Vice Chairman for Australia and Ambassador of Human Rights of IHRC for Australia. British High Commissioner to Commonwealth Nations Personal Interests At 37 years of age: 15 years experiences working for 6 major corporations on the German, USA Australian Stock.Exchanges,



CFMEU Construction & General NSW. 

Organização Não Governamental (OIHRO International Human Rights Organization.

(ONG) IHRC (International Human Rights Commission). Dymocks 424 George St Sydney. 

UTS Business. Education- Administration. Sydney, NSW, Austrália.

phone: +61 415 236 352 


Yahoo! Messenger: Johnraciti













Dr.Zigmund Ziegler Roberto Cohen


Chaplain at Military Chaplains Association of United States of America, Army War College USA, American Military Society, Uniited States Marine Corps Association, L. COL of American Israeli Military Medical Corps.

Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, 

Medical Department Address: Mount Zion 14166

Zip Code: 911141 - Jerusalem Israel

Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, American College of Physicians, World Medical Association, American Psychology Association, The International Board of Medicine and Surgery, Catholic Medical Association, Interamerican College of physicians and Surgeons, International NeuroPsychoanalysis Society, Doctors Academy, American Israeli Medical Association,World Academy of Medicine, Euro Federation Of Psychoanalysis, American Association of Higher Education & Accreditation, Missionaries of Charity Fathers Congregation inc. President of The College of Neuropsychoanalysis , Registered in Israel. Member of American Pontifical Catholic University, Sociedade Brasileira de Psicanalise Integrativa, American psychiatry Association, American Neuropsychiatric Association, President of American College of Neuropsychoanalysis American College of Psychosomatic medicine, and American University, Member of American Academy of Medicine, Registered by Florida Department Of State and Washington Department of State, American Psychological Association,Vice-Consul of First Children’s Embassy of Republic of Macedonia to Sao Paulo Brazil,Honorary Ambassador of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity of Republic of Albania, Ambassador General of American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations, Erich Fromm Humanistic Society, Faculdade Einstein Brazil, Instituto de Psicanalise Humanistica in Brazil, American Physician Scientists Association, Erich Fromm International Society in Germany, Ambassador of American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations, European Psychiatric Association, Eropean Medical Association, European Academy of Medicine, European Federation of Neurological Society, The World Academy of Medical Societies, American Physician Scientists Association, Federation of American Scientists , American China Psychoanalytic Alliance. International Association for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology. American Psychological Association Psychoanalysis Division 39. Asociacion Nacional de Investigacion Criminologica y Fomacion Forence de Espana. Centro Cientifico de Investigacion Criminal. Escuela Europea de Criminologia y Ciencias Forenses. Escuela Europea de Masaje y Ciencias de La Saude. The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center. United Nations Association of Great Britain. United States Naval Institute.













• Expert and Authority Protection Instructor. Formed in (CEOESP) Expertise Centre and CNPJ Special Operations: 17,299,015 / 0001-03, (CTAI) Tactic Course Approach and assets CNPJ: 15567930 / 0001-07 and (AGINP) National Research CNPJ Protection Agency: 40,233,611 / 0001-02].

• Weapons and Shooting Instructor (Graduated from propoint Tactical Training Centre and Sports CNPJ: 10890137 / 0001.12).

• Research Agent (Formed in DIP Private Investigation Division and Private Intelligence Activities Tax ID: 13916266 / 0001-20)

• 8th Dan in DPM (Formed in Self Defense Military CNPJ 18,708,188 / 0001-92 Registration 0013/2014 - BR)

• Ex Military RM 2nd - 6th CSM Ministry of the Army.

• Private Security Instructor, Radio communication, Combating Organized Crime, Private Security Personnel (Company CENFAAIB - Training Centre Professional Watchers LTDA) performance May 24, 2006 to July 17, 2006.

• Radio Communications Instructor, Rescue Search and Rescue, Protection Authorities, Criminology, and Organized Crime (Air Patrol Civil Brazil - National Academy of Civil Air Patrol National Air Patrol Command) since January 1, 2010 and still serving active in CAP.


• Expert Expert and Authority Protection Instructor [Formed in (CEOESP) Expertise Centre and CNPJ Special Operations: 17,299,015 / 0001-03, (CTAI) Tactic Course Approach and assets CNPJ: 15567930 / 0001-07 and (AGINP) National Research CNPJ Protection Agency: 40,233,611 / 0001-02].

• Weapons and Shooting Instructor (Graduated from propoint Tactical Training Centre and Sports CNPJ: 10890137 / 0001.12).

• Research Agent (Formed in DIP Private Investigation Division and Private Intelligence Activities Tax ID: 13916266 / 0001-20)

• 8th Dan in DPM (Formed in Self Defense Military CNPJ 18,708,188 / 0001-92 Registration 0013/2014 - BR)

• Civil Professional Firefighter Instructor Fire Fighting, APH Tactical Instructor, Survival Instructor in Selma, and Forest and First Aid Instructor (Graduate Civil Fire Department - Brazil Brigade Tactical Operations and Rescue Civil Firefighter Training Centre).

• Fire Fire Investigation Officer, Fire Investigation Instructor, Research Expert of Fire and Public Safety Management (graduate of the Federal Fire Investigation Intelligence Agency).

• 8th Dan Krav Maga Defence Combat System (Formed EIDPAM International School of Self Defense and Martial Arts 13,798,833 / 0001-91)

• And other...


Current activities:


• Colonel Company National General Command Commander Special Tactical Operations and Security Assessment.

• Captain Commander of the Pac Civil Air Patrol - GRR Grouping Rapid posts.


Performance in courses:


• Counter-Terrorism Action and Prevention

• Special operations

• Tactical Actions

• Authorities Protection

• Approach and High Risk Detention

• Tactical Course Tonfa

• Defensive Driving and Dodge Anti-Kidnapping

• Pre Hospital Care APH Tactical and Rescue

• Tactical Combat Course with Knife and Gun

• First aid

• Defense Basic Personal and Advanced

• Shooting Course

• Weapons and Shooting

• Training of Municipal Guards

• Others.....

Jonas de Souza Farias expert Arlindo

Contact Phone: (14) 3032 to 6304

                    Cel: (14) 998 876 148 (Vivo) 

                            (19) 97407-8637 (Nextel)






MG (Ret) Dionel E. Aviles Ms. Maureen Bailie MG (Ret) George E. Barker COL (Ret) James V. Benvenuto Black Horse Foundation, Inc. Chaplain Dr. Zigmund Ziegler Cohen. (Ronald Simms) LTG (Ret) Ronald R. Blanck Mr. Patrick A. Burns MG (Ret) William F. Burns BG (Ret) Eddie Cain COL (Ret) Douglas B. Campbell Carlisle Barracks & Cumberland Valley Chapter, AUSA Carlisle Barracks Spouses Club Mr. Reynolds R. Challoner, Jr. COL (Ret) Ruth B. Collins Mr. William Crawford Mr. Douglas H. Dearth Mr. Perry M. DiLoreto Mr. Charles A. Donabedian Mr. John P. Dugan Ms. Jo Blanche Dutcher LTG (Ret) Charles W. Dyke Education Policy and Leadership Center Mr. James K. Ewart, III Mr. Tyler Forman Mr. Robert W. Gelfman Anonymous Grateful Grad COL (Ret) Bernard F. Griffard H&S Bakery Mr. Ralph F. Hake LTC (Ret) Eugene F. Heyman, Jr. COL (Ret) Robert F. Hervey Honeywell Aerospace Honeywell International Indiana University of Pennsylvania Mr. Vernon Jacob Mr. J. Douglas Johnson COL (Ret) & Mrs. Michael J. Komichak Leonard & Evelyn Lauder Foundation MG (Ret) P. David Lax Mr. Bennett Levin Mr. Stephen Linehan Mr. Marshall G. Linn, III M&T Charitable Foundation COL (Ret) & Mrs. Ted R. Maddry Mr. A. Edward Major COL (Ret) Julie Trego Manta Mrs. Gladys P. Melnick MG (Ret) Robert L. Meyer Ms. Jessica R. Mitchell LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Daniel L. Monken Moog Inc. (Tim Pawlak) COL Darryl G. Murch Mr. David J. Nape BG (Ret) Harold W. Nelson Mr. John C. Novogrod Ohio Department Of Public Safety Operation Bass Inc. COL (Ret) Robert E. Pownall LTG (Ret) James B. Peake, M.D. Pennsylvania American Water GEN (Ret) Dennis J. Reimer COL (Ret) Wayman D. Robertson LTG (Ret) Michael D. Rochelle Daniel & Joanna S. Rose Fund, Inc. Mr. James J. Roth MG (Ret) James A. Ryan VADM (Ret) John R. Ryan Mr. Steve Stafford Mrs. Katherine J. Strong Suburban Electrical Engineers/ Contractors, Inc. LTG (Ret) Billy M. Thomas LTG (Ret) Richard F. Timmons COL Bobby A. Towery MG Steven N. Wickstrom Foundation President’s Circle. Arcadia Communities, Inc. Dr. Avi Barbasch COL (Ret) James A. Bartlett Mr. Richard C. Blake Cera Products Inc. Mr. Bruce D. Classon Ms. Joyce Cote MG Wesley E. Craig, Jr. COL (Ret) Charles L. Crain Mr. Kevin J. Crowley Ms. Victoria Anne Cundiff BG (Ret) Thomas R. Cuthbert COL (Ret) John F. D’Agostino COL (Ret) Edwin H. Felsher, Jr. COL (Ret) Andrew G. Fishman Mr. Russell M. Frankel Ms. Florence H. Frucher Mr. Robert Giaquinto Mr. Jonathan L. Goldfarb Mr. Carl Goldstein GEN (Ret) Alfred Mason Gray, Jr. Dr. Samuel L. Guillory MG (Ret) Harold L. Gwatney Mr. Faisal Hassan Dr. Vincent Henry, Ph.D.Prof. Stephen E. Henthorne COL (Ret) Charles D. Herrera Mr. Richard M. Jacobs Jewish Communal Fund (Mark & Carole Kaufmann) GEN (Ret) George A. Joulwan BG Richard F. Keene BG (Ret) & Mrs. James B. Lee LTG (Ret) Edwin S. Leland, Jr. COL (Ret) Albert J. Lopes MajGen Kristin Lund Mr. Gary L. McArthur Mr. John Mellowes Ms. Catherine S. Michaelson Mr. Larry Morgan MG (Ret) Mary E. Morgan Natalie Bailey & Herbert J. Kirshner Foundation (George Liebner) COL (Ret) Ernest C. Pogge BG (Ret) Darryl H. Powell Reserve Offi cers Assoc. (ROA) Mr. Frederick H. Rothstein Mr. Michael J. Rubino BG (Ret) Roger W. Scearce Mrs. Judith Scott Mrs. Joan Shalikashvili COL (Ret) Lawrence E. Skelly, II Mr. C. Randy Snow State of Utah Mr. Jeffrey A. Volk GEN (Ret) Carl E. Vuono Mr. Timothy V. Wolf COL (Ret) Allen R. Wolff Strategic Leader Circle $100-$499 MG (Ret) Forrest A. Abbott COL Benjamin F. Adams, III BG (Ret) Clara L. Adams-Ender BG (Ret) Timothy E. Albertson MG (Ret) William F. Allen CW4 (Ret) David R. Alsop COL (Ret) Jack R. Alsop COL (Ret) Joseph B. Ameel COL (Ret) Richard W. Anderschat GEN (Ret) Earl E. Anderson Mrs. Joan L. Anderson Mr. Levon Anderson COL (Ret) Martin S. Anderson CDR Albert Angel MG (Ret) Richard W. Anson COL (Ret) Margaret P. Applewhite BG (Ret) Stephen E. Arey COL (Ret) Peter A. Arntson COL Joseph E. Artiaga Ms. Elaine Asch-Root MG Deborah A. Ashenhurst Mr. Arthur A. Auch Mr. Danforth W. Austin COL R.D. Aut LTC (Ret) Charles A. Aycock COL (Ret) Catherine T. Bacon Anonymous BG (Ret) Michael B. Barrett Mr. Harvey M. Bagg, Jr. COL (Ret) E. Murl Bailey, Jr. Mr. Marshall M. Baker BG (Ret) Edward H. Ballard COL (Ret) Fredric D. Bangasser Col (Ret) Arthur W. Banister Mr. Walter Baranger COL (Ret) Henry A. Barber, III MG (Ret) Jamie S. Barkin COL (Ret) William F. Barko COL (Ret) Marion L. Barnwell COL John K. Bartolotto COL (Ret) Glenn W. Bartsch COL (Ret) Edward S. Basanez LTC (Ret) John F. Bash, Jr. MG (Ret) John P. Basilica, Jr. MG (Ret) Sampson H. Bass, Jr. MG (Ret) George V. Bauer COL (Ret) Johnston L. Beach, Ph.D. COL (Ret) Winston H. Bearden LTG (Ret) Quinn H. Becker COL (Ret) Bill G. Belcher Ms. Ingrid Bell Mr. Joseph H. Bell BG (Ret) Uzyel Ben-Itzhak Mr. David C. Bennett COL (Ret) Patrick J. Bennett COL (Ret) Thomas N. Bentley Col Mitch L. Berger COL (Ret) Carl F. Bergstrom, Jr. COL (Ret) John P. Berres COL Vanessa A. Berry MG (Ret) Michael M. Berzowski COL (Ret) Victor A. Betzold BG (Ret) William R. Bigler COL (Ret) Gilbert L. Bishop COL (Ret) Robert L. Bishop COL (Ret) Norman Glenn Blackburn, Sr. Mr. Douglas C. Blaine COL (Ret) William J. Blankmeyer, Jr. Lt Gen Peter A. Blay COL (Ret) Donald F. Bletz BG (Ret) Richard M. Blunt MG (Ret) David R. Bockel BG (Ret) James W. Boddie, Jr. Dr. Carl H Boening COL (Ret) Suzanne S. Boening COL (Ret) John Manning Bolchoz Mr. Donald B. Boldt COL (Ret) James L. Boling COL (Ret) James J. Bondi COL (Ret) Stanley G. Bonta COL (Ret) Donald W. Boose, Jr. COL (Ret) Truman E. Boudinot COL (Ret) Alan G. Bourque COL (Ret) Judith A. Bowers Mrs. Mary B. Bowers COL (Ret) Sheila R. Bowman MG (Ret) Michael A. Boyd Mr. Robert A. Boynton COL Mathew Joseph Brady COL (Ret) Gerald N. Braley, II MG (Ret) Dieter Richard Brand Dr. Bruce C. Bressler COL (Ret) Joseph Briggs COL (Ret) Robert H. Brigham COL (Ret) Mary Ann Brisky COL (Ret) Theodore G. Brna, Ph.D. Maj Gen Hugh T. Broomall MG (Ret) James G. Browder, Jr. COL (Ret) Douglas K. Browell COL (Ret) Keirn C. Brown, Jr. COL (Ret) Kenneth N. Brown COL (Ret) Michael P. Brown COL (Ret) Tyrone K. Brown Mr. William Brown, III COL (Ret) Robert F. Broyles COL (Ret) Hugh S. Bryant COL (Ret) Carolyn R. Bulliner COL (Ret) Charles A. Bullock BG (Ret) Roger C. Bultman COL (Ret) Arlene G. Burbank Burdeshaw Associates, LTD. BG (Ret) Edward R. Burka, M.D. COL Willard M. Burleson, III Mr. William B. Burnett Mr. Mark A. Burrough BG (Ret) Roger B. Burrows Mrs. Mary Anne Burst COL (Ret) & Mrs. Melvin L. Butler COL (Ret) Orville N. Butts COL (Ret) John R. Byers COL (Ret) John P. Byrne BG (Ret) Raymond C. Byrne, Jr. MG (Ret) Robert J. Byrne Ms. Donna M. Call COL (Ret) Colin R. Campbell Campbelltown Lions Club COL (Ret) Meredith H. Caram Mr. Darryl R. Carattini Mr. John Phillip Caraway Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy, PC COL (Ret) Arthur T. Carey COL (Ret) Kathleen W. Carr LTC (Ret) J Floyd Carter, III MG (Ret) Vito J. Castellano LTC Miguel A. Castellanos COL (Ret) Billy F. Caudill COL (Ret) H Allen Chadwick COL (Ret) Camile J. Chaisson, Jr. COL (Ret) Neil M. Chapin COL (Ret) Samuel L. Chappell LTC George L. Charfauros, Jr. LTG Dana K. Chipman COL (Ret) Randolph P. Christianson, M.D. COL (Ret) Norman K. Chung, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Church COL (Ret) Frederick L. Clapp, Jr. COL David J. Clark COL (Ret) Donald E. Clark COL (Ret) Dorothy H. Clark COL (Ret) Louis R. Clark COL (Ret) Robert H. Clark COL (Ret) John H. Claybrook COL (Ret) George C. Clowes Mr. Anthony C. Collins COL (Ret) Glen C. Collins, Jr. Ms. Lori T. Collins MG (Ret) William J. Collins COL (Ret) Ronald R. Combest COL (Ret) Jerome J. Comello COL (Ret) James M. Compton Rev. Douglas G. Comstock Mr. Taylor L. Conley COL (Ret) Kevin T. Connelly COL Amy Fordham Cook COL Christine D. Cook Mr. James M. Cook COL (Ret) Robert S. Cooper Mr. Victor V. Coppola COL (Ret) Paul L. Corriere, Jr. COL (Ret) Joseph T. Cox COL (Ret) Wayne Crawford COL (Ret) Buckner M. Creel, III COL (Ret) Robert N. Crittenden COL (Ret) Eugene F. Crooks COL (Ret) Ralph E. Cross, Jr. MG (Ret) Robert E. Crosser COL (Ret) George L. Crowder COL (Ret) Gail Croy COL (Ret) Francis J. Cummings COL (Ret) Alden M. Cunningham Col (Ret) Glenn K. Cunningham COL (Ret) Ronald T. Cyr Dan Clark & Janet Long COL (Ret) Joseph S. Dancses COL (Ret) William H. Danzeisen, Jr. MG (Ret) William J. Davies COL (Ret) Edward P. Davis Col (Ret) James W. Davis, Jr. COL (Ret) Jethro J. Davis COL (Ret) Kenneth P. Davis, Ph.D. BG (Ret) Annette M. Deener COL (Ret) Rudolph B. DeFrance COL (Ret) William B. DeGraf COL (Ret) Gary E. DeKay COL (Ret) Richard G. Deleissegues CDR John A. Demers Mr. Frederick W. Dennerline, III BG (Ret) John F. Depue Dr. Stephen J. Derbes Amb John des Groseilliers COL (Ret) Thomas J. Devine COL (Ret) John H. Dewing COL (Ret) George E. Dexter Dr. Ouida W. Dickey COL (Ret) Clifford M. Dickman COL (Ret) Richard P. Diehl Ms. Joann P. DiGennaro COL (Ret) Francis H. Dillon, Jr. COL (Ret) Richard W. Dillon Ms. Elizabeth Dineen COL (Ret) William J. Doll LTC (Ret) Thomas S. Dombrowsky Col (Ret) Richard C. Doom Mr. David J. Dopp COL (Ret) Lawrence C. Doton MG (Ret) Benjamin E. Doty MG (Ret) James L. Dozier Col Donald R. Drechsler BG (Ret) Curney J. Dronet COL (Ret) Richard G. Dubuque COL (Ret) Louis J. Duet, Jr. COL (Ret) Charles D. Duggan COL (Ret) Richard E. Duncan COL (Ret) Ron Dwane Dupree COL Robert T. Durbin, Jr. COL (Ret) Harry V. Dutchyshyn COL (Ret) Max G. Manwaring COL (Ret) Carl G. Marquette, Jr. COL (Ret) Charles M. Marshall COL (Ret) Thomas J. Marshall COL (Ret) Richard C. Martin COL (Ret) Richard S. Mason COL (Ret) Franklin D. Mastro COL J. Hunter Mathews BG (Ret) John A. Maurer COL (Ret) Laurence W. McCabe COL (Ret) Edward P. McCarthy, Jr. COL (Ret) William J. McCarthy MG Charles E. McCartney, Jr. Ms. Margaret A. McCausland COL (Ret) Anita H. McCowen Maj Gen (Ret) Billy G. McCoy COL (Ret) Allen Kendall McDonald MG (Ret) John H. McDonald BG (Ret) Charles J. McDonnell LTC (Ret) Robert S. McEldowney MG (Ret) James C. McElroy, Jr. COL (Ret) Billy J. McGowan BG (Ret) J. Daniel McGowan Mr. Andre McGuire Mrs. Connie McHugh Mr. W. Shelby McKenzie LTG (Ret) Clarence E. McKnight, Jr. COL (Ret) Danny R. McKnight Mr. Bruce E. McLeod, Jr. COL (Ret) Joel E. McLeod, Jr. MG (Ret) Carl H. McNair, Jr. COL (Ret) Garland R. McSpadden LTC (Ret) James N. Meade MG (Ret) & Mrs. Henry W. Meetze COL (Ret) John T. Melvin COL (Ret) Mark E. Meranda COL (Ret) James L. Messer COL (Ret) Mary L. Messerschmidt COL (Ret) Warren H. Metzner COL Allen L. Meyer GEN (Ret) Edward C. Meyer COL (Ret) Berri K. Meyers COL (Ret) Dawn L. Michaud Anonymous LTG (Ret) Paul T. Mikolashek COL (Ret) Clarence A. Miller, Jr. Ms. Kathleen S. Miller COL (Ret) Kent D. Miller, Jr. COL Robert J. Miller COL (Ret) Ward A. Miller, Sr. Dr. Robert E. Millward COL (Ret) James T. Minyard COL (Ret) Joseph B. Missal COL (Ret) Glenn W. Mitchell, M.D. COL (Ret) John A. Mojecki COL (Ret) Michael B. Montgomery RADM Carlton D. Moore COL (Ret) James D. Moore MG David A. Morris COL (Ret) Michael M. Morse Dr. June R. Moss BG (Ret) John W. Mountcastle LTC (Ret) Ralph F. Mueller BG (Ret) Robert M. Murdock COL James G. Murphy MG (Ret) Charles M. Murray BG Mandi A. Murray Mr. Homer D. Musselman COL (Ret) Calvin K. Mutchler COL (Ret) Charles T. Myers, III COL (Ret) Harry W. Myers, Jr. COL (Ret) James C. Myers, Jr. Gen (Ret) Richard B. Myers COL Donald E. Nalls MG (Ret) Michael J. Nardotti, Jr. MG (Ret) William L. Nash National Guard Assoc. of Arkansas National Guard Assoc. of Georgia National Guard Assoc. of Kentucky National Guard Assoc. of New Mexico National Guard Assoc. of Oregon National Guard Assoc. of Rhode Island National Guard Assoc. of South Dakota National Guard Assoc. of Tennessee National Guard Assoc. of Texas National Guard Assoc. of the U.S. National Guard Assoc. of Utah National Guardsmen of Resident Class of 2012 COL (Ret) Francis E. Naughton Amb. Harvey F. Nelson COL (Ret) Robert W. Nelson Mrs. Winkle W. Nemeth LTC (Ret) Clayton R. Newell COL (Ret) Albert Newton LTG (Ret) Jack P. Nix, Jr. LTG (Ret) Max W. Noah COL James H. North, Jr. COL (Ret) William E. Nutt COL (Ret) Frank P. Oakley COL (Ret) John J. O’Connell, Jr. Mr. Robert P. Olislagers COL Daeyvid S. O’Lochlayne J.D. CAPT (Ret) Michael J. O’Moore Mr. Cyril Okemewa Onewokae Mr. John J. Onufrak Mr. & Mrs. William S. Orlov COL (Ret) John F. Orndorff COL (Ret) Joseph Ostrowidzki LTG (Ret) John P. Otjen COL Richard L. Ott COL (Ret) Alfred H. Paddock, Jr. COL (Ret) John J. Pajak LTG (Ret) Dave R. Palmer Mr. & Mrs. John S. Palmore Mr. George Pappas COL (Ret) Louis A. Pappas COL (Ret) Joseph L. Parlas, Jr. COL (Ret) Stanley J. Parmentier COL (Ret) Bruce E. Patterson MG (Ret) Walter A. Paulson Ms. Theresa M. Payton MG & Mrs. John W. Peabody COL (Ret) Michael A. Pearson COL (Ret) Edouard A. Peloquin MG (Ret) John S. Peppers COL (Ret) Brian C. Perris Mr. Mark R. Perry COL (Ret) Bradley H. Petersen, Jr. COL (Ret) Gregg E. Petersen COL (Ret) James C. Peterson COL Paul Michael Phillips LTG (Ret) & Mrs. John M. Pickler MG (Ret) Milton A. Pilcher COL (Ret) William R. Pinkston COL (Ret) William C. Pinson COL Dirk E. Plante COL (Ret) Richard F. Plechner MG (Ret) Robert A. Pollmann COL (Ret) Lewington S. Ponder COL (Ret) Robert A. Portante BG (Ret) Richard W. Potter, Jr. COL (Ret) Robert S. Poydasheff COL (Ret) Richard W. Prendergast, Jr. BG (Ret) George B. Price COL (Ret) Michael L. Price MG (Ret) Hawthorne L. Proctor COL (Ret) James H. Proctor, Jr. COL Joseph F. Puett, III Mr. Keith B. Quigley Ms. Mary F. Radford Anonymous Ms. Chandler M. Ralph COL (Ret) Maurice H. Ralston COL (Ret) Patrick H. Rayermann COL (Ret) John Redmond, III Dr. Carol A. Reardon COL (Ret) Anthony T. Reed Mrs. Carol Reed, M.D. COL (Ret) Jean D. Reed Dr. Kerrie Reed COL (Ret) Curtis B. Reiber LTC (Ret) John F. Reid Mr. Donald H. Reimann COL (Ret) Paula D. Renshaw Mrs. Rebecca S. Renya COL (Ret) James W. Revels Mr. Brian W. Reynolds COL (Ret) Thomas A. Rhen Mr. Ronald E. Rhody COL (Ret) Terry L. Rice COL (Ret) Michael H. Richards COL (Ret) Sandra V. Richardson GEN (Ret) William R. Richardson COL (Ret) Donald A. Rickards, Jr. Mr. l. Jeff Rissman The Honorable Donald M. Ritchie Mrs. Dagmar B. Rives COL James Harvey Robinette, II COL (Ret) George J. Robinson Mr. Ernest Earston Rodgers, III COL (Ret) Richard M. Rodney COL (Ret) Carl G. Roe LTC (Ret) James David Roellgen COL (Ret) William T. Rogerson COL (Ret) John W. Rollyson COL (Ret) Everette L. Roper, Jr. COL (Ret) Robert S. Rose COL (Ret) John M. Ross COL (Ret) Kenton E. Ross BG (Ret) Alfred T. Rossi Mr. Jeffrey C. Rubenstein Anonymous Mr. Jon P. Rudiger COL (Ret) Thomas B. Russell COL Kathleen Ryan COL Patricia E. Ryan COL (Ret) William F. Ryall COL (Ret) Albert S. Rydel, Jr. The Honorable Barry Salman COL Peter J. Sammarco COL (Ret) Thomas F. Sander COL (Ret) Philip J. Saulnier BG (Ret) Robert G. Sausser COL (Ret) Edwin M. Savacool, Jr. BG (Ret) Louis J. Schelter, Jr. COL (Ret) & Mrs. Heinz A. Schiemann COL (Ret) Robert P. Schloesser, Ph.D. Dr. Karen Schmitt COL (Ret) Steven C. Schrum COL (Ret) Richard H. Schuler Mr. William H. Schuler COL (Ret) John Logan Schutz COL (Ret) Jeffery L. Schwander LTC (Ret) Robert L. Schwarz COL (Ret) Joseph P. Schweitzer COL (Ret) Alvin C. Schweizer, II COL (Ret) George G. Schwenk Dr. William A. Schwer Col (Ret) Jason C. Seal Lt. Gen. (Ret) Charles J. Searock, Jr. LTG (Ret) Richard J. Seitz Mr. Francis P. Sempa COL Richard L. Shepard COL (Ret) Brian Y. Shiroyama COL (Ret) Cyrus R. Shockey MG (Ret) Stephen Silvasy, Jr. COL (Ret) Bedford J. Silvey Col (Ret) John D. Sims COL (Ret) Carl A. Singer, Ph.D. BG David L. Smalley COL (Ret) Carl D. Smith COL (Ret) Charles F. Smith LTC Douglas Scott Smith COL (Ret) Norbert F. Smith Prof. Richard H. Smyth MG (Ret) Charles R. Sniffi n COL (Ret) William P. Snyder COL (Ret) John E. Sobraske COL (Ret) Arnold H. Soeder COL (Ret) Paul F. Somerville Mr. Gary S. Sosniecki COL (Ret) David E. Spaulding COL (Ret) Leonard A. Spirito COL (Ret) Joseph V. Spitler, Jr. BG (Ret) Thomas R. Sprenger, M.D. MG (Ret) David W. Stallings COL (Ret) Victor E. Stamey Mr. Todd Staples COL Kevin D. Staring COL (Ret) Howard M. Steele, Jr. Ms. Susan Steinhauser & Mr. Daniel Greenberg CAPT (Ret) Norman F. Stein COL (Ret) Conrad D. Stephenson COL (Ret) Herbert I. Stern MG (Ret) Pat M. Stevens IV Mr. J. J. Stevenson COL (Ret) John P. Stewart MG (Ret) William A. Stofft LTG (Ret) Howard F. Stone COL (Ret) Don M. Stotser LTC (Ret) Douglas S. Strack Col (Ret) Jack C. Strasser MG (Ret) William F. Streeter COL (Ret) Shand H. Stringham MG (Ret) Michael D. Strong Dr. Robert A. Strong COL (Ret) William R. Strosnider, III MG (Ret) Ansel M. Stroud, Jr. LTG (Ret) Theodore G. Stroup, Jr. COL (Ret) Alan M. Stull COL (Ret) Theodore M. Stults, II Mrs. June Anne Suermann MG (Ret) Robert J. Sunell MG (Ret) Leroy W. Svendsen, Jr. Mr. James McKim Symington, Jr. LTC (Ret) David L. Tannenbaum COL (Ret) Thomas H. Tarver COL (Ret) Eugene A. Taylor, Jr. RADM Jeremy D. Taylor COL (Ret) Robert H. Taylor COL Robert E. Teberg LTC (Ret) Richard D. Terrell Mr. William G. Thom COL (Ret) Stanley E. Thomas BG (VA) Duncan M. Thompson, Sr. COL (Ret) Eugene L. Thompson BG George R. Thompson, Jr. COL (Ret) Gerald B. Thompson COL (Ret) Ralph A. Thompson COL (Ret) Cary T. Threat COL (Ret) Walter P. Tibbetts COL (Ret) Willard N. Timm, Jr. BG (Ret) Warren A. Todd, Jr. COL (Ret) Thomas G. Torrance BG (Ret) John G. Townsend Dr. Richard T. Travis LTG (Ret) Richard G. Trefry MG (Ret) Edward L. Trobaugh COL (Ret) Andre J. Trottier COL Michael Sean Tuomey LTC (Ret) Robert M. Twiss COL (Ret) Robert R. Ulin Col (Ret) Lloyd C. Ulrich COL (Ret) Bruce E. Vargo COL (Ret) John K. Vaughn COL (Ret) Robert V. Vermillion Ms. Maureen O. Viall Ms. Judith M. Victor MG Luis Raul Visot COL (Ret) Francis C. Vossen LTC (Ret) John F. Votaw, Sr. MG William D. R. Waff COL (Ret) Theodore L. Wagner BG (Ret) Thomas S. Walker Sally Wallace & James Dunphy Col (Ret) J. Rodney Walton MG (Ret) William F. Ward Mr. Paul E. Watkins MG (Ret) William L. Webb, Jr. COL (Ret) William E. Weber Mr. Philip C. Wehle, Jr. COL (Ret) David J. Wehrly Mr. Wesley R. Weis COL (Ret) Sherman Weisinger BG (Ret) Arvid E. West, Jr. COL Scott Randolph West COL (Ret) Charles H. Weyhenmeyer, Jr. Dr. Bruce I. White COL (Ret) Jack A. White COL (Ret) James R. White COL (Ret) Daniel L. Whiteside BG (Ret) Charles L. Whitlock Mr. George K. Whyte, Jr. COL (Ret) Richard I. Wiles BG (Ret) Terry L. Wiley COL (Ret) John F. Wilhelmy, Jr. Col (Ret) Raymond H. Willcocks Ms. Beth A. Williams COL (Ret) Duane E. Williams Mr. William W. Williams COL (Ret) Thomas J. Williams COL (Ret) Darrel A. Williamson COL (Ret) Daniel M. Wilson COL (Ret) Franklin L. Wilson COL Marc Stephen Wilson MG (Ret) Patrick D. Wilson COL (Ret) Barringer F. Wingard, Jr. MG (Ret) William P. Winkler, Jr. COL (Ret) William F. Winzurk COL Lynn A. Wise LTG (Ret) Leonard P. Wishart, III COL Sharon L. Wisniewski BG (Ret) Stanley W. Wisnioski, Jr. CDR Robert L. Wohlschlegel Wolf Family Foundation COL & Mrs. Wilbur E. Wolf, III LTC (Ret) Mary L. Wood Col (Ret) Walter J. Wood COL (Ret) James R. Woodall, Jr. COL (Ret) George J. Woods, III COL (Ret) Jack C. Woods Mr. David B. Woronoff MG (Ret) Daniel V. Wright COL (Ret) Gerald L. Wright Mr. Roland D. Wussow COL (Ret) Ray J. Yantis COL (Ret) Harry R. Yarger COL (Ret) James H. Youngquist COL (Ret) Kevin J. Weddle MG (Ret) David T. Zabecki, Ph.D. Mr. Dean A. Zajicek COL (Ret) John B. Zanin Ms. Yvonne L. Zecca Mr. Michael G. Ziga Jr. Friends of USAWC $99 and Below COL (Ret) Benjamin L. Abramowitz COL (Ret) Albert A. Ackerman LTC (Ret) Dorothy A. Adams COL (Ret) & Mrs. Gregory A. Adams COL (Ret) Anthony J. Adessa MG (Ret) Edwin M. Aguanno MG (Ret) Jerald N. Albrecht Mr. Howard T. Alexander COL (Ret) Jettaka M. Alexander COL (Ret) Judith W. Alexander COL (Ret) Charles B. Allen COL (Ret) Charles D. Allen LTC (Ret) Gary W. Allen, Ph.D. COL (Ret) Amanda L. Anderson MG (Ret) Andrew H. Anderson Col (Ret) David A. Anderson COL (Ret) Louis H. Anderson MG Marcia M. Anderson CDR Thomas R. Anderson COL (Ret) Barry J. Appleby COL (Ret) Paul L. Applin, Jr. COL (Ret) David A. Appling COL (Ret) Raymond F. Arment COL (Ret) Willard P. Armes COL (Ret) Joseph D. Armistead The Honorable David L. Armstrong COL (Ret) Charles O. Arnecke, Jr. BG (Ret) James M. Aubuchon, Ph.D. COL (Ret) Ronald H. Averill COL (Ret) Franklin R. Babb COL (Ret) & Mrs. Barry S. Baer BG (Ret) Mark R. Bailey BG (Ret) Edward Stan Baldwin COL (Ret) John E. Ball COL (Ret) Werner W. Banisch COL (Ret) James C. Barbara BG (Ret) Dale R. Barber Mr. Michael A. Barber COL (Ret) Isaiah E. Barnwell, Jr. COL (Ret) Claudia C. Bartz COL (Ret) Dennis A. Bassett COL (Ret) John H. Batts COL (Ret) Robert J. Bavis, III BG (Ret) Robert H. Beahm COL (Ret) C. Duncan Beaumont COL (Ret) Merrill M. Becker BG (Ret) Edmund T. Beckette COL (Ret) Anthony B. Bell BG (Ret) Raymond E. Bell, Jr. Mrs. Anne T. Bellinger LTG (Ret) Dennis L. Benchoff COL (Ret) Charles D. Benson COL (Ret) Diane L. Berard MG (Ret) Peter T. Berry COL (Ret) Thomas L. Berta COL (Ret) Paul A. Bigelman COL (Ret) Charles W. Binney COL Estus “Tommy” Blair, III COL (Ret) Dean F. Bland MG (Ret) James G. Blaney BG (Ret) Frank E. Blazey COL (Ret) Eymard J. Boehmer COL (Ret) Milton Bogolub Col (Ret) Michael R. Boldrick Lt Col (Ret) David G. Bolgiano Mr. Henry Booth COL (Ret) Raymond F. Borelli LTC (Ret) & Mrs. Norman L. Bowers COL (Ret) Paul B. Boyd COL (Ret) William A. Bradley, Jr. COL (Ret) John K. Bradshaw COL (Ret) Douglas A. Braendel Mrs. Thelma Brand COL Abbott A. Brayton COL (Ret) James Breazzano Mr. Louis B. Bresee Mrs. Phyllis K.C. Brigham COL Patrick O. Briley COL (Ret) Morton S. Brisker BG (Ret) Ernest D. Brockman, Jr. COL (Ret) & Mrs. Greg Brockman The Reverend Charles A. Brophy Col (Ret) John H. Broujos LTC (Ret) Byron C. Brown COL (Ret) Charles L. Brown, Jr. Col (Ret) Charles D. Brown MG (Ret) Donald J. Brown Mr. Mark & Col Cynthia Brown COL (Ret) Thomas L. Brown COL (Ret) Wayne K. Brown, Jr. COL (Ret) Thomas E. Broyles COL (Ret) Richard S. Bullock COL Leanne P. Burch COL (Ret) Marland J. Burckhardt COL (Ret) Edward J. Burke COL (Ret) Clark A. Burnett COL (Ret) David H. Burpee Col Thaddeus E. Burr COL (Ret) Raymond E. Burrell LTC Robert Earl Burton, Jr. LTC (Ret) Henry B. Cabell COL Steven D. Cage COL (Ret) Michael F. Calcaterra COL (Ret) Gregory C. Camp COL (Ret) James L. Campbell COL (Ret) James G. Campbell, Jr. Dr. John R. Campbell COL Patrick E. Campion COL Sylvester Cannon COL (Ret) Kenneth B. Card COL (Ret) Eduardo Cardenas Carlisle Hospitality - Comfort Suites Ms. Cynthia C. Carnahan COL (Ret) Robert G. Carne COL (Ret) James L. Carney LTC (Ret) Roger F. X. Carney COL Marcus E. Carr, Jr. COL (Ret) Jayne A. Carson COL (Ret) Leslie D. Carter, Jr. COL Michael E. Casey Mr. Charles Michael Cassidy COL (Ret) Bruce W. Castka Mr. Leonard A. Cecere Central PA Civil War Round Table COL (Ret) Brion V. Chabot COL (Ret) Robert J. Chant COL (Ret) Scott Chapman LTC (Ret) Robert P. Chappell, Jr. MG (Ret) James A. Cheatham COL Randall Keith Cheeseborough COL Chun-Wang Chiang COL (Ret) Paul W. Child, Jr. COL (Ret) Thomas Chin Mr. William D. Chiodo LTC (Ret) Iwan Choronenko LtGen (Ret) George R. Christmas BG (Ret) Joseph P. Cillo, Sr. COL (Ret) Ted Allen Cimral BG (Ret) Roland F. Cinciarelli COL (Ret) Howard W. Clark MG (Ret) Robert G. Claypool COL (Ret) Lawrence G. Clayton MG (Ret) John R. D. Cleland COL (Ret) & Mrs. Ken Clow Mr. Gerald I. Coh. MG (Ret) Thomas F. Cole COL (Ret) Gordon C. Coleman COL (Ret) Eugene D. Colgan Brig Gen James L. Colwell COL (Ret) John Comparetto COL (Ret) John F. Concannon, III LTC (Ret) Gilbert N. Conforti Mr. William S. Conway, Jr. COL (Ret) Charles B. Cook The Honorable Colleen Conway Cooney COL (Ret) John A. Cope, Jr. COL (Ret) James E. Couch COL (Ret) Edwin A. Crispin Dr. Patrick E. Crow D.M.D. COL (Ret) Jacqueline E. Cumbo COL Steven F. Cummings COL (Ret) Richard L. Curl COL Larry W. Curtis COL & Mrs. John Christian Curwen COL (Ret) Robert W. Dalrymple COL (Ret) Ronald M. D’Amura COL (Ret) John R. Dabrowski, Ph.D. COL (Ret) John D. Davenport COL Judith Ann Davenport COL (Ret) Donald L. Davidson COL (Ret) Edward L. Davis COL Arlan Michael DeBlieck Ms. Vonda K. Delawie COL Leroy L. Denooyer COL (Ret) John W. DePauw COL (Ret) Thomas E. Deshazo, Jr. COL (Ret) John W. Devens Mr. Anthony Diaz COL (Ret) John Dibble, Jr. COL (Ret) Dennis A. Dietz COL (Ret) Kenneth B. Digre COL (Ret) Earnest Wayne Dill COL (Ret) Douglas A. Doehle COL (Ret) Michael C. Doherty COL (Ret) Robert Dolan COL (Ret) Charles J. Dominique CDR (Ret) Laurens Dorsey COL (Ret) Ronald O. Downey COL (Ret) Clarence B. Drennon Col (Ret) John J. Duffy, Jr. COL (Ret) Paul C. Duttge Dr. Edward J. Dwyer COL (Ret) Donald E. Ebert COL (Ret) James S. Ebertowski CAPT John G. Eden COL Rick N. Emerson Mr. James N. Enyart MG (Ret) & Mrs. Arthur V. Episcopo COL (Ret) Rayford M. Eubanks Mr. Robert B. Evnen MG (Ret) Barbara G. Fast COL (Ret) Gerald F. Feeney COL (Ret) Victor M. Fernandez COL (Ret) Uldric L. Fiore, Jr. Mr. Miles P. Fischer Mr. James A. Fisher COL (Ret) David G. Fitz-Enz COL (Ret) William J. Flanagan COL (Ret) Catherine H. Foster LTC Daniel George Foulkrod BG (Ret) Jack R. Fox LTC (Ret) Terry W. Freeze COL Michael E. Freville COL & Mrs. David A. Frisone BG (Ret) Santo J. Fruscione COL (Ret) Pamela A. Funk MAJ (Ret) John W. Gahring, Sr. COL (Ret) William O. Gall Mr. Ron Gancas COL (Ret) John Gannon COL Karen D. Gattis COL (Ret) Jeffrey W. Gault COL (Ret) David W. Gavigan Ms. Catherine Gay COL (Ret) John W. Geiger Mr. Randell E. Gelzer, Sr. Mr. John R. Gentile, Sr. COL & Mrs. Chris R. Gentry COL (Ret) James T. George COL (Ret) Mark H. Gerner CH(COL) (Ret) Charles R. Gibbs COL (Ret) Joseph L. Gilbreath Mr. Jimmy B. Gill COL Karl Ginter COL Michael Douglas Girone COL Irene V. Glaeser COL (Ret) Gerald E. Glass COL (Ret) John R. Glick BG (Ret) David E. Glines Mr. Peter F. Goldmark Mr. Richard A. Goldstein COL (Ret) Henry G. Gole COL (Ret) David L. Gray COL (Ret) Kenneth N. Greenlaw, Jr. BG (Ret) David E. Greer COL (Ret) Joseph T. Griffi n, Jr. MG (Ret) Robert H. Griffi n Mr. John G. Grimes COL Paul L. Grosskruger BG Louis H. Guernsey, M.D. MG (Ret) Max Guggenheimer, Jr. BG (Ret) Jerome A. Haberek COL (Ret) Frank W. Hackley COL Jay D. Haden MG (Ret) Craig A. Hagan Mr. Brien Hallett MG (Ret) Hal E. Hallgren COL (Ret) John Paul Halvorsen COL (Ret) Edward A. Hamilton COL (Ret) Jeanne G. Hamilton COL (Ret) Carl W. Hance COL (Ret) Charles M. Hanson COL (Ret) Cecil B. Harris COL (Ret) Thomas G. Harrison COL (Ret) James G. Hattersley Mr. James J. Hearn COL Kevin C. Hegarty COL (Ret) John L. Heiss COL (Ret) Donald D. Helin COL (Ret) Michael R. Helmick COL (Ret) Paul C. Hemmer Dr. Gregory L. Henry BG (Ret) Terence M. Henry COL Stephen B. Hensel Mrs. Mary L. Hentz COL (Ret) Curtis J. Herrick, Jr. COL Alberto Miguel Higuera Col (Ret) Frank A. Hill COL (Ret) Robert L. Hill Mrs. Betty Hippert MG (Ret) Daniel F. Hitchcock MG (Ret) John A. Hoefl ing Mr. Eric E. Hogan, Jr. COL Conrad Allan Holbert COL (Ret) James F. Holcomb COL Hershel L. Holiday COL (Ret) John E. Holland, Jr. Col (Ret) Randall W. Holm COL (Ret) John H. Hougen COL (Ret) Joseph W. House COL (Ret) James M. Houseworth IV COL (Ret) John R. Howell Col (Ret) William S. Huggins Anonymous COL Percy G. Hurtado, II Mr. John C. Hutcheson COL (Ret) C Powell Hutton COL Robert A. Hyland COL (Ret) Paul T. Inman COL (Ret) Victor D. Irvin COL (Ret) William R. Irvin BG Lewis G. Irwin COL (Ret) David Jablonsky COL (Ret) Robert C. Jackle COL (Ret) Louis M. Jackson COL (Ret) Allen C. Jacobs, Jr. MG Jeffrey A. Jacobs COL (Ret) James R. Jagielski COL (Ret) George T. James Mr. William E. Jayne, Jr. COL (Ret) Daniel J. Jensen COL (Ret) & Mrs. Gary D. Jerauld COL (Ret) Charles R. Johnson COL (Ret) Chester F. Johnson Ms. Colleen Johnson CH(MG) (Ret) Kermit D. Johnson COL (Ret) Mark H. Johnson LTC Russell Dexter Johnson Col Diane Marie Jones LTC David V. Jordan COL (Ret) Ralph W. Julian COL (Ret) Michael P. Juvenal COL (Ret) Charles J. Kacsur, Jr. COL (Ret) Ralph E. Kahlan COL (Ret) James G. Kalanges LTC (Ret) William H. Kale Col (Ret) Lester K Katahara COL (Ret) Richard C. Kaufman Dr. William D. Kautz COL (Ret) Arthur J. Keating COL (Ret) Matthew J. Keating Mr. Richard F. Keevey COL (Ret) Herman J. Keizer, Jr. LTC (Ret) Ray J. Kendall COL (Ret) & Mrs. Herbert S. Kenigsberg COL (Ret) Charles E. Kent COL (Ret) Jonathan H. Kent Col (Ret) William D. Kent Mr. Thomas T. Kern Mr. Dennis W. Kerns BG (Ret) Robert Dennis Kerr COL (Ret) Herman Eugene Kessler, Jr. COL (Ret) Jay P. King COL (Ret) William I. King COL (Ret) Harold C. Kinne, Jr. COL (Ret) Robert F. Kirby COL (Ret) Andre C. Kirnes COL (Ret) George R. Kleb COL Keith A. Klemmer COL (Ret) Karl B. Knoblauch, Jr. COL (Ret) James B. Kohnen COL (Ret) John M. Koivisto, Jr. Mr. Larry J. Koshire COL Jonathan E. Kraft COL (Ret) James E. Kroh Col (Ret) Larry D. Krull COL Richard William Kucksdorf COL (Ret) Thomas J. Kunhart COL (Ret) Clifford M. Kurrus COL (Ret) Marvin E. Lackey MG (Ret) Dennis J. Laich Col (Ret) Dale L. Landis COL (Ret) Martin J. Langan MG (Ret) Joseph M. Lank COL (Ret) Thomas Lanyi COL (Ret) Martin J. Langan LTC Angela Marie Larsen COL (Ret) Charles W. Larson, Sr. LTC (Ret) William E. Lee, Jr. COL (Ret) Donald H. Lewis, Sr. BG Michael R. Liechty COL (Ret) Anthony S. Lieto MG (Ret) Paul E. Lima COL (Ret) H Thacher Linke COL Andrew J. Lippert COL (Ret) Richard E. Littlefi eld COL (Ret) Luther R. Lloyd COL (Ret) David J. Lofgren COL (Ret) Patrick E. Logan LTC (Ret) Samuel Lombardo COL (Ret) Myron J. Longmore COL (Ret) Thomas A. Lowe COL (Ret) Max I Loyd COL (Ret) David W. Ludwig COL (Ret) Daniel J. Lynch COL (Ret) Fred E. Lyssy BG (Ret) John Y. H. Ma LTC (Ret) James G. MacNeil Mr. Jeff S. Mader Dr. Thomas A. Magnell MG (Ret) Warren A. E. Magruder Mr. Vincent L. Maida, Jr. Mr. John F. Malone, Jr. COL (Ret) Marion W. Manion COL (Ret) Thomas J. Manning MG (Ret) Ronald H. Markarian COL (Ret) Albert R. Marshall BG (Ret) Foster Marshall, II BG Gregory D. Mason COL (Ret) Timothy J. Mason COL (Ret) Michael R. Matheny Mrs. Patricia M. Matthews COL (Ret) Marc E. Mattix, D.V.M. COL Nasrin Mazuji Ms. (Ret) Cheryl D. McAuley Col Rachel Ann McCaffrey COL (Ret) James S. McCallum


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