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The UN Peacekeeping Forces Mission International is an open and voluntary association of Centers, institutions, and programs dealing with peace operations research, education, and training. It was initiated by America in 2013

The UNIGO promotes better understanding of peacekeeping, its goals and objectives, and of the methods used in training for peace operations of all types. It is intended to broaden contacts between various international organizations, peacekeeping training Centers and institutions, universities, and other interested groups, leading to more effective peace operations.
The UNIGO offers peacekeeping training Center personnel a forum for discussions relating to training without their having to deal with national interests (and sometimes restrictions). Each year, there is an Annual Conference with the host country or organization responsible for preparing the event, and developing the theme and agenda. In the past few years the UNIGO has taken account of the fact that some Centers deal strictly with military aspects of peacekeeping, some with civilian, some with police, while others have a mixed program. The Annual Conference now includes both a broad multi-disciplinary agenda of interest to all Centers as well as more specialized segments for the military, civilian, and police Centers.
Since its inception in 2010 some different Centers, institutions, organizations, and agencies have participated in the UNIGO’s work. Participants have come from all regions of the world.

The Secretariat
The Peacekeeping Center provided the original Secretariat of the UNIGO, supporting the host nation or organization of each Annual Conference as required, maintaining a database of participants, providing professional advice in relation to the annual conference themes, and maintaining the UNIGO web site. These duties, as of October 2010, have now been taken over by the Center for Peacekeeping in the world.

The Annual Conference
The aim of the Annual Conference is to provide its members with a forum for discussion of specific topical issues related to peace operations, and to provide a venue for the Association’s Annual General Meeting. 

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